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The political world has openly courted the entertainment world for a long time and politicians have played along. You probably all have more or less convincing scenes in mind.

Moreover, this openness to the world of entertainment is also reaching the media. Here too, the results are uneven, too often to the detriment of the quality of the information. For a Sean Hannity who openly promotes the president on Fox in prime time, we find a Chris Cuomo on CNN who puts on a show with his brother, the Democratic Governor of New York State.

If the mix of genres is already doubtful, what we have been witnessing for four years defies common sense and threatens the credibility of institutions. If Donald Trump is not responsible for this drift from the political world to the entertainment world, he allows the practice to reach new heights.

As the transition from the current administration to that of Joe Biden should take place, there are fewer and fewer differences between Donald Trump’s The Apprentice and the one who rules the United States.

While the president is hiding in the presidential apartments of the White House or letting off steam on the golf course, he simultaneously carries out an astonishing number of dismissals for questionable reasons. Yes, the president has this right to appoint and replace senior officials, but he is currently using this prerogative to settle scores.

Donald Trump, reality TV star, was known for his famous “You’re fired“. He now seems to revel in the recovery of the formula. It might be good for ratings, but it’s bad for the country. When he fired Chris Krebs, he did so in defiance of the professionalism shown by the cybersecurity manager.

Krebs had dared to contradict the president by claiming that the 2020 election was the safest in history, but he also helped develop a platform that allowed citizens worried about how the election was going to find answers to their questions. questions. Rather than welcoming the initiative and celebrating the integrity of the results, Donald Trump preferred to dismiss Krebs.

It is not just the President who stages himself in spectacular and deplorable fashion, his most devoted servant is playing the same game. Rudy Giuliani loves the spotlight and the money. This is not bad in itself, but it is doubtful when you do not have the skills or the experience to defend causes that experts refuse because they lack credibility.

Giuliani has ridiculed himself in a court in Pennsylvania as he tries to prevent the certification of results in that state. Even prominent Republicans see him as harming his cause by preferring the spectacle to the facts.

Mick Mulvaney, Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, reminded the former mayor of New York that he is not the star of an entertainment program, but the president’s personal lawyer. the United States. There is no decency here, no nobility in intention; that the triumph of the immediate notoriety of reality TV and the dollars that we hasten to pocket at the expense of respect for institutions.

What is happening in the United States now is disgraceful. A spectacle unworthy of a mature and healthy democracy. Not only are we undermining the confidence of many Americans, but we are permanently damaging the credibility of the United States on the international scene. Is the country still a serious interlocutor when it allows buffoons to abuse institutions?

Yes, I know, over 70 million voters preferred Donald Trump to Joe Biden. We know, however, that several of them do not take the behavior of the Republican president very much, but that they could not bring themselves to vote for the Democrats. I understand this choice and worry only moderately. We prefer a republican platform to one that we consider too socialist of the Democrats, even if the attitude of the leader is detestable.

What gives me real concern is that for millions of our neighbors, what Trump and Giuliani say is credible. For some of my fellow citizens too. The nonsense of these two sad sires is drawn from an imaginary world created by the disinformation companies which abound on the web. The only merit of these two bad humorists lies in their ability to exploit the credulity of those who only get information from the Newsmax, AON or Breitbart of this world.

We all had to worry about this influence of the explosive mixture of reality TV and disinformation. When too high a percentage of our neighbors adhere to false information and the power of the web allows this trend to be exported quickly, there is reason to believe that the danger is not only in the United States.

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