VIDEO. 1939, 1983, 2009… For decades, the south-east of Australia has been devastated by fires …

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January 13, 1939

On this single day called “Black Friday”, 71 people died in the state of Victoria. Almost 20,000 km2 of land burned, the size of Slovenia, and around 1,000 houses were destroyed.

February 16, 1983

Nicknamed the “Ash Wednesday fires”, these fires that hit the states of Victoria and South Australia resulted in the death of 75 people. That day, 4,180 km2, about the size of Cape Verde, went up in smoke. About 2,000 houses were destroyed.

February 7, 2009

This “black Saturday” is the deadliest fire that Australia has known: 173 people lost their lives. Nearly 400 simultaneous fires devastated 4,500 km2 of land, four times the size of Hong Kong, and with them 2,000 houses.

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