Video: a bricklayer destroyed the bathroom that he himself had renovated as revenge because he was not paid | Chronicle

Terry Gregory, a bricklayer of the company Dream Home Remodels from Colorado Springs, USA, exploded with rage after completing a hard job on a house that took about a month. It happens that he and a colleague completely remodeled a bathroom and there was no such reward. As expected, the employee was not going to sit idly by and took action on the matter.

It all started when the bricklayer and his partner entered the recently renovated bathroom with the excuse of taking their work tools, which had been left in the place. As soon as they entered the scene of violence and danger began. They took a hammer, and the rest were stunning noises.

“We invested weeks in this, thousands of dollars in this”, said Terry Gregory, which with the hammer began to break all the tiles in the bathroom. In a matter of minutes, the room was shattered and the establishment was worse than it was. Almost a month had taken them to reform and today there are only broken glass.

Amber Trucke, the woman who had hired them, was not at home. The one who opened the door was his partner, who lives with her and did not know the details of the conflict. Seeing the attack, he tried to stop it and began recording it with his phone. The video was posted on social media and went viral within minutes.

The worker says that the owner refused to pay them, because what they did was not bad, but it was only “to regain possession of the tiled shower” that they had made, so in theory the work “did not merit payment. “.

The humorous, memes and GIFs did not take long to arrive and Internet users from all over the world commented on it. “Ready, if they don’t pay me at the end of the month, I’ll throw my office down”, “It’s that way friend” or “Capo, I’ll bank you” were some of the comments that applauded the attitude of the worker.

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