Video: A cat portrait in 3D

A cat portrait in 3D

It looks like a cat’s head but is a work of art made of felt and wool. It was made by the Japanese artist Sachi. With a lot of dedication and patience, she portrays cats for her clients. She reproduces every detail. O-TON SACHI, FELT ARTIST: “I have large amounts of felt wool, I have dozens of different types for white fur alone. I carefully select the materials so that it looks like the real cat. I’m a bit picky about that.” Before she starts, she studies dozens of photos of the cat. Then she builds a basic form on which she gradually attaches the felt. The hardest part is making the eyes, she says. O-TON SACHI, FELT ARTIST: “When I attach the eyes, the ghost of the cat goes into the work of art. That’s why I’m a bit picky when it comes to making the eyes.” Sachi selects her orders herself. About a month later, the work of art is finished, says Sachi. On her website she writes that the price does not play a central role. Customers should decide for themselves what they consider appropriate.


A Japanese artist creates very realistic cat pictures out of felt.

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