Video: After explosion in western Ghana: huge crater draws village

After explosion in western Ghana: huge crater marks village

The detonation left a huge crater in its wake – and literally flattened an entire village. A truck loaded with explosives exploded in Ghana, killing more than a dozen people and injuring hundreds. This was announced by the local police in the mining town of Apiate. The number of victims could continue to rise. “Human remains could be seen everywhere. And where the car blew up, there was a crater. There is nothing left of the vehicle. The damage is unparalleled.” How exactly it came to the explosion was initially unclear. However, police said a motorcycle ran into the truck. According to the authorities, there was enough time between the collision and the explosion to warn local residents. The truck belonged to the Spanish company Maxam and was apparently on its way to a gold mine. The company was temporarily prohibited from manufacturing, transporting and supplying explosives.


The incident had already occurred on Thursday. A truck loaded with explosives apparently collided with a motorcycle.

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