Video | “Al-Hilal, like Al-Ahly of Egypt, does not win by luck.”

Sports journalist Turki Al-Harbi stressed that he is against the saying that Al-Hilal club wins by luck, noting that Al-Ahly of Egypt is said to be the same as what is said about the leader.

Al-Hilal beat Al-Raed by three goals to two, in the match that brought them together in the ninth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League, with a goal that came at a deadly time.

Al-Harbi, during statements to the “Sports Harvest” program on the 24 Sports Channel, questioned Salem Al-Dosari’s injury, saying: “Salem Al-Dosari scored a goal in the 77th minute during the victory match, and it was said that he was injured.”

Sports journalist continued: “How did Salem Al-Dosari score a single goal in the victory match against the Uzbek Jalaluddin Masharipov and Abdul Rahman Obaid, and he was at the top of his performance, even though he was returning from injury?”

And he added, “Salem Al-Dosari will be the first to be in front of Al-Ahly, and the Korean defender Kim Hyun-soo will also be present, and Yasser Al-Shahrani, I do not know his position.”

Turki Al-Harbi commented on the saying that Al-Hilal wins by luck, saying: “I am against the saying that Al-Hilal wins by luck, because the team that plays for the last moment scores.”

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Al-Harbi concluded his statements by saying: “This saying is also said in Egypt about Al-Ahly club, and this is a result of the team playing to the last moment and succeeding in scoring.”

Al Hilal is preparing to face Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia in the tenth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Saudi Professional League, on Friday evening.


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