Video: Austria will impose a second full lockdown

Austria will impose a second full lockdown

(NOTE: THIS ENTRY IS WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT.) Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Saturday in Vienna: “Dear Sir or Madam, Our declared goal is that on December 7th, compulsory schools and trade will be the very first after Lockdown will be reopened. I know the next three weeks, two and a half weeks, will be a very hard time for us. I have spoken and phoned many people over the past few days who are desperate and very, very much about the situation I have had contact with people who are angry and outraged. And it is clear that nobody wants schools to be closed. Nobody wants gastronomy, trade, tourism and culture to stand still and nobody wants that, especially in the run-up to Christmas it is not possible to meet relatives, family members, parents and friends. But we must, and I am convinced of this, take this step together. And I ask you there he, in the next few weeks: Let’s help together. Let’s turn the trend. Because the more consistently we pull through this lockdown, the shorter we will need it. “


In view of the further increase in the number of infections, Austria wants to tighten the measures against the corona pandemic and switch to another full lockdown – from Tuesday for around three weeks until December 6th.

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