Video: Baerbock calls for a departure for social justice

Baerbock calls for a departure for social justice

A week before the federal election, Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock called for a move towards social justice. In a militant speech that lasted over half an hour, Baerbock called on her party to “fight for green votes with every fiber with everything we have.” “Increasing the minimum wage now does not have to be a slogan in the election campaign, it could have been done earlier. And that is why a break for social justice means first and foremost raising the minimum wage to twelve euros.” With a clearer emphasis on social justice, the Greens obviously want to counter their downward trend in the polls. They are only in third place behind the SPD and CDU / CSU. Soothing voices from our own ranks, but here and there also pragmatic approaches. “Let’s remember the surveys in Saxony-Anhalt, it turned out very differently. I mean, we just have to get away from it, you have to put your program and your candidate up front and not always let yourself be unsettled by surveys.” “Nothing is shrinking now, but now we will fight on September 26th at 6 pm and then we will humbly receive the result and make the best of it for the country. The country must be well governed. We have that we do not run away yes. Others specialize in running away. ” “Of course it has become a little less likely that Annalena Baerbock will lead the government from the top, according to the polls we have right now, but we are fighting until the last minute because, as I said, the stronger we are the better we can we are tackling the issues for which we have now been running an electoral program process for three and a half years. ” According to surveys such as the ZDF Politbarometer, the issue of social justice plays the most important role in voting, even before climate protection.


The first measure of the new federal government must be to raise the statutory minimum wage to twelve euros, said Baerbock on Sunday at a small party conference in Berlin.

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