VIDEO. Camélia Jordana accuses the police of “massacring” people because of their skin color, Christophe Castaner strongly condemns

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The singer and actress made this statement last night in “We are not lying” on France 2. Then she invited the Minister of the Interior to debate, after he estimated that “these untrue and shameful fuel hatred and violence. ”

New controversy about police violence. Christophe Castaner judged Sunday May 24 “false and ashamed” of the singer and actress Camélia Jordana, who accused the police of “massacre” men and women for their skin color. The Alliance union, for its part, announced that it would seize the public prosecutor.

“No, madam, ‘the men and women who go to work every morning in the suburbs’ are not ‘massacred for any reason other than their skin color’, these untrue and shameful words fuel hatred and violence. call for a full conviction “, tweeted the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner.

“I’m talking about the men and women who go to work every morning in the suburbs and who are massacred for no other reason than their skin color, it’s a fact”, said Camélia Jordana the previous evening on the program “We are not lying” on France 2. “There are thousands of people who do not feel safe in the face of a cop, and I am one of them. Today my hair is relaxed, when my hair is curly, I don’t feel safe from a cop in France. Really. Really “, she added.

The police union Alliance denounced Sunday “inadmissible charges against the police (racism, murders …)”, in a press release where he said he seized the public prosecutor and asked the Minister of the Interior to do the same.

The Union of National Police Commissioners (SCPN) for its part pointed to a Twitter “dismaying testimony of a ‘new star of stupidity’ who demonstrates in two minutes the poverty of his thought, accompanied by scandalous and slanderous arguments, all on public service”.

In response to these comments, Camélia Jordana proposed, on the night of Sunday to Monday, on his Twitter account, to Christophe Castaner, to “debate live on the stage of your choice”, “amazed by all these reactions, enthusiastic about the reopening of public debate”. She also announced that she would not react in the media on this matter.

The artist’s declarations came at a time when at the end of April, an investigation into racist insults and violence by a person holding public authority was opened against two police officers, who in particular deal with “bicot” a man suspected of theft. A few days later, many personalities, academics and left-wing political parties had signed a petition written by SOS Racisme demanding the opening of the “site of the fight against racism within the police and the gendarmerie”.


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