VIDEO. Coronavirus: wandering at sea, dead on board … The passengers of the liner “Zaandam” tell their ordeal up to Florida

The scenery of the Florida coastline is dreamy, but for the 1,800 passengers on “Zaandam”, coronavirus-passagers-paquebots-zaandam-rotherdam-ont-accoste-floride-1810996.html” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>it is above all the end of a nightmare. This cruise ship, of which cases of Covid-19 were detected on board, had been looking for 14 days for a port to dock. 105 French were trapped there. Four people died from the virus and a hundred French were on board. Jean-Yves Le Pavec, passenger of the “Zaandam”, testifies: “We are very relieved, much less anxious and stressed. When we were on the boat, looking for a port to disembark, we were always afraid of being sick and we knew that there was no the boat the medical means to treat us properly. “

Police, ambulances: the landing in Florida is under very high protection. During his cruise in South America, the “Zaandam” has been turned back by 11 countries. The Americans refused for a long time, before realizing that a large number of their fellow citizens were on board. Confined to their cabins since March 22, passengers received their meals right outside their door. It was through the on-board intercom that Maryse, a French holidaymaker, learned of the deaths of four passengers. “You should know that the family, instead of recovering the traveler, will recover a cover, with a body inside”, she explains.

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