VIDEO ‘Cota silenced many of them’; Ambriz exploded after controversy

Abigail parra

Mexico City / 05.12.2020 23:45:34

Beyond the conclusions of tonight’s match, Ignacio Ambriz, technician from León, defended the goalkeeper, Rodolfo Cota, after he was accused on Wednesday of having made an agreement with José Juan Macías to allow Chivas to emerge victorious from the Semifinal. Annoying, the strategist made it clear that the press put together a whole show that the emerald fans followed and affected the goalkeeper’s family.

It was a show about Cota and it’s not worth it, that bothers me a lot. It was a lot of people from the press who guided the fans and the The fans were also wrong to criticize Cota and it’s not okay, this is soccer. Cota has shut the mouth of many.

They do not know what their wife, children and parents suffered; it was not a show for them“Said the coach and then get up and end the conference at the end of tonight’s game in which they beat the Sacred Herd 1-0 and with that they advanced to the Final.

Regarding the move to the series for the title, Nacho pointed out that there have been two years of evolution, learning and growth that they hope will be reflected with the title.

“In the end you grow up and they tell you that defeats are what you learn the most from and this is what has made you gain more experience. It’s been two years of work and the results are being seen, in other leagues I have been out. We are in the Final, but two very important games are missing and now we are going to recover players “.


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