Video: Dax meanwhile on a recovery course

Dax meanwhile on a recovery course

After the recent price losses, some investors are taking the opportunity to re-enter the German stock market. The Dax rose to 15,948 points at the opening on Monday. Robert Halver from Baader Bank. “We still have problems: Accelerated inflation, what are the central banks doing? Are there higher interest rate hikes? Of course we have the Omicron issue and we also have this conflict in Ukraine, the USA and Russia. But the stock exchanges say it’s that bad it won’t come.” Omicron could become a game changer for the better this year, giving us a better handle on the Corona crisis, Halver said. And as far as Ukraine is concerned, it is assumed that common sense still exists on both sides.


“The news situation is not good enough for sustainable price gains,” said a portfolio manager.

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