Video: “Democrats abroad” demonstrate in Berlin

“Democrats abroad” demonstrate in Berlin

Several people demonstrated in Berlin on Wednesday for the US presidential election to run correctly. The organization “Democrats abroad”, which is close to the US Democrats, had called for the meeting in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Heide Rogers is a student from Boston who is currently spending her semester abroad in Berlin. “Yeah, it’s definitely nerve-wracking. We’ve basically been up all night watching the polls. We thought it would be clear quickly, but we probably won’t know for a few days.” The election in the US threatens to become a hangover with legal consequences. By Wednesday noon, German time, the results in key states, especially Pennsylvania, were still pending. Regardless, the incumbent President Donald Trump declared himself the election winner. At the same time, Trump announced that he would turn on the Supreme Court if necessary. Diego Rivers from California has lived in Berlin for six years. He knows that because of the postal vote, ballot papers still come in in many places. “And they have to be counted. They were cast completely legally. It doesn’t matter if they’re Republicans or Democrats or anyone else. All votes should be counted.” While the Americans continued to demonstrate in Berlin, the states of Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin were still counting. Pennsylvania, with its 20 voters, could end up being the decisive state.


Several people gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Wednesday to demonstrate that the US election should run correctly.

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