Sport VIDEO: Disastrously charges a decisive penalty and leaves his...

VIDEO: Disastrously charges a decisive penalty and leaves his team out of the Copa Libertadores


The failed maneuver occurred in the match between The Strongest of Bolivia and Atlético Tucumán of Argentina.

The soccer player Rolando Blackburn had in his hands the classification of the Bolivian club The Strongest to the next round of the Copa Libertadores, but a disastrous penalty made him the villain of the night.

The strongest he faced this Wednesday at Atlético Tucumán Argentina after winning at home to the Argentines for two goals. Although they arrived with a notable advantage, the locals managed to match the score and led the match to the definition by penalties.

At the height of what would be the fifth and final charge, the Bolivians had not failed and the series was in their favor 4 to 3. Then, it would be Blackburn’s turn to give the final tip and define the game. However, after standing in front of the ball, he took a couple of steps with little momentum and a little jump before kicking. The result: a weak shot that the goalkeeper could tackle without much difficulty.

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The series extended and those of Tucumán took advantage of the crucial error of their rival, being more effective, and took the victory with a final score of 6 to 5.

In the social networks the maneuver of The Strongest striker was considered a failed attempt to emulate the Argentine style of charging Luis Miguel ‘Flea’ Rodriguez. This forward is remembered for a historic penalty in the 2019 Copa Sudamericana, which led Atlético Colón for the first time to the final of an international competition.

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