VIDEO. Discover in preview the clip of Pierre Richard “Nyctalope”, as a prelude to his album “Nuit à Jour”

Pierre Richard is releasing an album. Astonishing, isn’t it? You are not at the end of your surprises. Because it is a project as improbable as it is amazing. The daring Night to Day, expected on November 27, is the fruit of a three-way friendship between the unforgettable actor of Grand blond, thriller writer Ingrid Astier and broad-minded electronic musician JB Hanak. An explosive cocktail that hits the mark.

We discover this unique collaboration with Nyctalope, the first single. A guitar that appears on tiptoe, the feline gait of a pink panther, and immediately after the deep and familiar voice of Pierre Richard. The owl has the ability to see in the dark, with the visual acuity of a cat. On a text by Ingrid Astier, the actor plays with this delicious word, so ambiguous in its deceptively coarse phonetics, as one greedily rolls a candy in the mouth.

The clip, in a twilight black and white, shows Pierre Richard riding his motorcycle with a cigar in its mouth, as if from a western with Easy Rider sauce. There he meets an intriguing tomcat with dark glasses, guitar slung over his shoulder …

I can’t say exactly when I first discovered this word“, begins Pierre Richard on Nyctalope. “Encounters with words are strange. If I am unable to find in my memory which crossroads binds us, I remember its feeling. An exotic feeling. A word without hook, which I could not catch by any foot. Unknown, he was slipping. These are soap words.

This text is taken from Ingrid Astier’s wonderful poetic essay Little praise of the night, published by Gallimard in 2014. It is around this book, first adapted for the theater in 2017, that the friendship of the trio Pierre Richard, Ingrid Astier and JB Hanak was sealed in a chocolate factory. A whole story to which we will come back soon …

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