Video doc with Ap. Lytra taking the lady crushed by his personal husband to the hospital – 2024-06-19 14:05:46

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One other doc from the night of Saturday 15/06/2024 when Apostolos Lytras takes his spouse to the hospital after beating her after they went out to a restaurant was offered by Dwell Information.

As you will note within the video, the couple has parked the automobile and is heading to a personal hospital in Athens with the intention to present first support to Sofia Polyzogopoulou, who was abused by Apostolos Lytra.

Sofia Polyzogopoulou acknowledged in her testimony about her switch to the hospital: “I used to be very dizzy and bleeding from the nostril quite a bit. He instructed me to clean and alter garments and I begged him to take me to a hospital. I instructed him that if he takes me to the hospital I can’t say that he hit me however that I fell alone.

He really instructed me to take a shower and alter garments and took me to the Euroclinic. We entered the Euroclinic entrance collectively. I mentioned I wish to be seen by an ER physician as a result of I’ve hit my head. The physician took me straight to the examination room alone and didn’t enable my husband to enter. A nurse got here alongside.

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