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Don Francisco, the famous host of the Sábado Gigante program, reappeared on Mexican television thanks to an interview he gave to the Venga la Alegría program, which was broadcast this Thursday; In it, the Chilean conductor spoke about his upcoming projects and assured that at 80 years of age he is full of vitality and the will to live.

However, the morning audience was struck by the appearance with which he appeared on television, since they noticed him down, but the reason is that Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, Don Francisco’s real name, has already completed 80 years of which has spent most of his life working in front of the famous variety show Sábado Gigante.

Due to the fact that in Mexico his appearances on television are very scarce, people have been left with the image of a younger and more vital driver, however, as he himself admits, he reaches his 80 years full of vitality and eager to continue alive, which is why he already has new projects on the doorstep, which he shared with the VLA audience this morning.

Don Francisco wishes to visit the “DF” again
Don Francisco became popular in Chile and in much of Latin America thanks to his variety show Sábado Gigante thanks to which he toured various places in Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world. From our country he remembers having traveled to various places in Mexico City: “I traveled many places in Mexico doing the traveling camera, so in each place people showed me their affection. I remember when I was in Mexico City, I got up very early and went to the kiosks and talked to all the people; They were workers, laborers, and they were very affectionate to me. And whenever I pass through Mexico, the same thing happens to me, then my thanks for that sympathy, ”revealed Don Francisco.

The driver, of Chilean origin, highlighted the similarities between what he called “the Mexican people and the Chilean people” and that “we have a lot of Mexican influence,” he said.

Don Francisco also recalled that in his career he made a tribute album where he sang band music, in which he collaborated with various Mexican artists, such as Los Tigres del Norte, Los Huracanes del Norte, Rasta Obrera, Jenny Rivera, Primavera and with money who gathered for the sale of the material built a clinic in the Casa del Migrante in Tijuana, “and there it is still in the clinic,” he recalled.

He also explained that the program Sábado Gigante had Mexican versions and adaptations for other countries, something that few knew: “We did the program, but we had the commercials inserted, so once we did the segment we had to put local sponsors into a program that it was modular, ”he recalled, revealing a fact that very few people knew.

His beginnings on TV
Don Francisco, whose profession is a Modeling Technician, “which means that he is a designer of men’s clothing,” indicated that for many years he dedicated himself to this work in parallel to television; “But when the soccer world cup in Chile came, the only time that Chileans came out third in a world cup I went to introduce myself” as the person who had watched television the most up to that moment, he explained, and that is how he began his television career.

From that day on, he spent 24 years working in Chile and he narrated that “at some point I had a problem with the general manager of the company and I said: will I be able to do this elsewhere? Will I have to put up with this gentleman forever? Well, I got angry, and began to look in parallel, although I continued working in Chile, until I got an opportunity to do a local program in Miami, and I as a co-animator, but I accepted it ”.

Don Francisco explained that this program was Sábado Gigante: “The animator was Rolando Rabal at first and after a few weeks they threw me out, later they took me back, but immediately they left me as the official animator of Sábado Gigante. And at the end of that year they told me that the program is not only going to Miami, it is going national throughout the United States and the following year (it was broadcast) internationally. ”

Finally, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld confessed that in addition to having a great desire to live, he is already working on his next project: “I want to live, what comes now and more importantly, is what I want to do is this program cycle for CNN en Español, to come up with some ideas that I have for one of these global platforms, ”concluded the host.

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