Video | Fisherman from Magdalena survived to death by suffocation after accidentally swallowing a live fish

Fisherman in Magdalena accidentally ingested a live mojarra and almost suffocated / (Twitter: @Rogeruv).

A mojarra stuck in a man’s throat surprised a surgeon, who was the protagonist in the intervention that saved the life of a fisherman from Magdalena on the morning of Sunday, January 24.

The shocking image of the 18-centimeter fish stuck in the esophagus of a citizen caught the attention of the medical staff of the Santander Herrera Hospital in the municipality of Pivijay, in Magdalena.

Apparently, accidentally the citizen would have swallowed the animal while fishing and, as a sign of help, he made signs that he was suffocating so that they could assist him and remove the mojarra stuck in his throat.

According to information published by the newspaper El Heraldo, the unfortunate event would have occurred after the inexperienced 24-year-old fisherman caught his first prey and at that very moment he decided to throw the net back into the water to catch a new animal. Instead of putting the mojarra that he had already caught on the ground, he decided to hold it with his mouth while pulling the net, with such bad luck that the animal got into his body orally and got stuck in his esophagus.

Here is the moment when the man is assisted by the surgeon Luis Alberto Freyle Moscote, and they manage to extract the ‘foreign body’:

Fisherman in Magdalena accidentally ingested a live mojarra and almost suffocated / (Twitter: @Rogeruv).

As the fish is taken out, Freyle Moscote points to the camera that records him with the dead animal in his possession, apparently smeared with the fisherman’s blood and saliva. To the surprise of a person in the medical intervention room, the surgeon says the following:

Ladies and gentlemen, something unusual: a young man in Pivijay has swallowed a fish. We have removed a foreign body from the esophagus

For her part, Yaneth Torres, doctor and scientific director of the Santander Herrera Hospital, informed the newspaper El Heraldo about the previous procedure to be able to extract the fish. Torres indicated that thanks to the x-ray procedure, the extraction could be facilitated:

It was a mojarra of about 18 centimeters. This person was drowning and we didn’t know why, it was the x-rays that determined what was causing the blockage. It is a striking and unusual case, but the speed of the medical staff and specialized technicians of the Santander Herrera Hospital was decisive in the maneuver to save his life

Taking into account that the man arrived asphyxiated and unable to speak, he was immediately taken to the x-ray room, where a film was taken to determine what caused the respiratory obstruction.

After the extraction was completed, the fisherman remained under observation, from January 24, to rule out any damage to his internal cavities. Meanwhile, the doctors are waiting for an improvement in the health of the 24-year-old patient.

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