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In a rare meeting with the late artist Omar Sharif, he revealed for the first time that he participated in a 100% Japanese movie.

Al-Sharif said: “I want to tell information that I did not disclose before. I participated in a completely Japanese movie, 100%, and spoke in Japanese without my knowledge of the language. They were memorizing my sentences in a phonetic way, and it was easy to act with them because this method facilitates the acting process.”

He continued, “Everyone spoke Japanese except for one who was in charge of the translation process for me, and the heroine was the most famous star there, and I had a scene with her and a kiss, so the translator came to tell me that the director asked you to hold her by the neck to strangle her and then cry and then punch her.”

He added: I asked her to understand the reason behind this sequence, and she replied that she would ask the director and come back to me, and indeed that happened and she said to me, “Because the director likes this,” and when I strangled her, I found her neck red as soon as I touched her, so she stopped and told that I can’t do that, I will cry and just kiss her But the actress refused and asked me to strangle her.”

He continued, “This movie has not been shown outside Japan, but I have traveled so far.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Omar Sharif died in July of the year 2015, at the age of 83

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