Video game addiction? They recover a report that blamed the Nintendo 64

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For decades, the United States government has found different scapegoats to offer to the public as the reason for social problems that have to do with youth. Of course, this is due to much more complex situations, but analyzing them is difficult, takes time, and the demand of the media is that there be answers immediately, hence, countercultural, musical movements and video games are at different times public enemy number 1. Precisely, someone did the same, remembering that the issue of gaming addiction was already touched on in 1998.

Video game addiction remains a topic despite the passing of the years

The World Health Organization recognized the addiction to video games and it did not take long for different governments and politicians to immediately point to them as the cause of evil in young people. In the case of the USA, a country where it is so common to buy fruit and a semi-automatic rifle on a visit to the supermarket, all justified by the Second Amendment of its Constitution, this is not new and someone shared a report on YouTube that was made in 1998 blaming the Nintendo 64.

There is always a way to blame video games for social problems

The segment was presented that year on the ABC 15 newscast in Phoenix, Arizona, and it featured the case of a teenager who liked to play Nintendo 64 and his favorite titles were GoldenEye 007 Y 1080° Snowboarding, 2 of the most important games on the Nintendo console and more for the North American public.

The report indicates that the young man enjoys playing video games and even shares his love for them with his friends. The strange thing is that there is talk of an addiction when in the same material it is reported that the adolescent has limits, does his homework and school and when he complies with it he can play. The opinion of a psychiatrist is even presented, who pointed to video games as something negative for children and young people given their planned design to meet objectives, which made them a compulsive and obsessive activity.

Recently, this type of stigma that has weighed on video games has been exploited by the Mexican government, as the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not stopped insisting that “the Nintendos” are bad. So, and taking this report as a starting point, it’s been 24 years of evil.

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