Video game. Scorpion Chair, the dream chair for gamers

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Mexico City / 16.09.2020 13:25:53


The dream chair for gamers it exists and is shaped like a scorpion. The call Scorpion, from the Cluvens website, is not only for an eye-catching design, but it has several functions that are based on the shape of this arachnid.

One of them is that instead of carrying poison, the tip of the saddle’s tail can be used to mount a series of up to five flat screens (between 19 and 32 inches) or a super wide screen up to 49 inches.

In addition, the tail has six different position settings, the last of which allows the user to lie down in a ‘ gravity‘, which reduces the strain on the neck and back or is even good for taking a nap.

The scorpion chair looks like this

The Scorpion chair also includes a massage function, heated backrest and LED lighting. One thing to keep in mind: you will need a lot of space as it measures 1.65 meters long, 1.20 wide and 2.10 meters high when its tail is fully erect.

The chair is sold in Cluvens for $ 3,299 dollars (about 69,300 pesos), although in Alibaba it appears in $ 1900 dollars (39,900 pesos) plus $ 1,100 dollars in shipping (21,000 pesos), according to Gizmodo, reports the RobbReport page.


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