Video games: beware, some new generation consoles may be missing for Christmas

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Strong demand, shortage of components, container prices … New generation video game consoles are experiencing a shortage and should be scarce, again this year, under the Christmas trees. But there are alternatives.

Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X. For all those who wish to acquire it, this quest is similar this year to a Stations of the Cross. These new generation consoles have been rare, “even impossible to find”, for a year, since their release at the end of 2020. Several reasons for this: a very high demand and an offer that is struggling to keep up because ofa shortage of components (semiconductors) but also because ofa lack of containers globally and the increase in their cost which makes procurement more difficult.

To get it, you have to “be patient”, advises Mickaël Hack, manager of the Micromania store in Toulouse Purpan. And a well-established system of alerts on specialized sites, keeping our fingers crossed for the miracle to happen.

But finding a PS5 or Xbox Series X wrapped under the Christmas tree, either in a short month, seems unlikely, a shortage affecting both models. “Regarding the Xbox Series X, we do not yet know if we will have it or not, or how many …”, explains Mickaël Hack.

Possible alternatives

If you really want to gift, or receive, a game console this Christmas, there are alternatives. Like another next-gen console: the Xbox Series S from Microsoft. “Less powerful than its big sister the Xbox Series X, it is only digital, explains Mickaël Hack. That is to say, it only works with online games. The lack of a CD player and the power result in less demand on this machine, and it shouldn’t suffer from breakage. “

Just like the Switch, a Nintendo model. “It’s a family console that doesn’t suffer from this problem at the moment. There are two models: the last one with an OLED screen and the older model which shouldn’t be out of stock at the end of the year. For the most recent, we do not know what will be with the approach of the holidays where there is still a strong craze. “

Our colleagues from Numerama also recommend the PS4, released in 2013 and available on the second-hand market, on which it should be possible to play ps5 games.

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