Video games: “Fortnite” integrates video chat via the Houseparty app

Players will soon be able to watch their friends’ video streams live on display during their battle royale games.

Epic Games had bought the Houseparty application last year, popularized in particular with virtual aperitifs during confinement.

epic games

Epic Games strengthens social interactions in “Fortnite”. In the PC, PS4 and PS5 versions of its hit game, players will be able to enhance their games by video chatting with their friends. The functionality is powered by Houseparty, an application bought last year by Epic Games and which saw its popularity spiked during the lockdown by hosting virtual aperitifs from its members.

Integration is still far from perfect, however. You must first associate your Epic and Houseparty accounts, then activate “Fortnite mode” in the application. You must then create a group of friends so that its members appear on the left of the screen during the game. It is possible to create a group of up to 10 people, but only the last four assets will appear simultaneously on the “Fortnite” screen.

In addition to a PC or a PlayStation for the game itself, you also have to go through the Houseparty app and the image sensor of an iOS or Android device. According to Epic Games, this is not a big constraint because Houseparty users are already doing it. If the face moves out of the camera’s field of view, the feed automatically displays only the colored background.

Epic Games has not indicated when the feature will be available on other platforms hosting “Fortnite”, or if other games will benefit.

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