Video games – PlayStation 5 to launch in November

On the heels of Microsoft and its XBox Series X, Sony will release a new PlayStation, in a favorable context thanks to confinement.

The premium model of the latest PlayStation will cost $ 500 (455 francs). (Cindy Ord / Getty Images / AFP)


Sony’s PlayStation 5, eagerly awaited by the video game community, will be released in November, just after Microsoft’s next-generation console, the XBox Series X, in a sector made even more competitive by the pandemic.

During an online game showcase event designed for the PS5 on Wednesday, Sony announced that two versions of its new console will hit the market on November 12 in Australia, North America, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and in Mexico, and a week later in the rest of the world.

The premium model will cost $ 500 (455 francs) while a “digital edition” intended for games stored in the cloud (remote computing) will be sold at 400 dollars (364 francs).

Last week, Microsoft unveiled its XBox Series X, which will go on sale on November 10 from $ 499 (454 francs). Pre-orders will begin on September 22.

Microsoft also announced for the same date a smaller version of its console, the XBox S, at a price of 299 dollars (272 francs).

The video game industry has grown dramatically thanks to containment, with games available in the cloud and broadcast live being a huge success.

The PlayStation 4, the model currently marketed by Sony, has sold twice as much as the XBox One, but Microsoft is hoping to catch up with Sony.


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