Video games: Xbox co-founder J Allard becomes CEO of Intellivision

It’s over between Microsoft and one of the most important people in the video game world.
Xbox co-founder J Allard has joined Intellivision as Managing Director. Now he will work with the famous musician of the video game, Tommy Tallarico.

As general manager and chief technology officer, J Allard will therefore participate in the launch of the Intellivision Amico console, scheduled for October 10, which is intended for “families who consider the contemporary approach to video games too complex”. In the press release announcing this arrival, reports video games.

We are delighted to add such an incredible industry legend to our team. The experience, vision and leadership shared by J in the technology and video game industries as visionary, product designer and player will further strengthen Intellivision’s management team and innovation legacy. , declares Tommy Tallarico.

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As a reminder, J Allard was with Microsoft from 1991 to 2010, after which he founded Project 529, a company offering software specializing in the registration of bikes in order to reduce theft.

For J Allard, he is in tune with Amico’s vision because not only did he grow up with Intellivision, but because he grew up playing with his family and friends.

Playing together is a timeless concept that the video game industry has largely forgotten. The team at Intellivision is deeply committed to bringing back a fun and affordable shared game for everyone.


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