Video games: Xbox Series X stocks will be limited until the end of March

The CFO of Microsoft’s Xbox division has said it will be difficult to get hold of the new console, at least until April.


Those who were waiting for the release of the Xbox Series X on November 10, and who could not get hold of Microsoft’s next-generation console, may have to wait a few months. It might be difficult to place it at the foot of the Christmas tree due to repeated stockouts. Stocks should indeed remain limited until the end of March 2021.

A full supply

“I think we’re going to continue to have just-in-time supplies, even shortages after the Christmas holiday season, which is the first quarter of the calendar,” Tim Stuart, CFO of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said during the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment online conference transcribed by the Seeking Alpha site. “Then we’ll get to the next quarter, our entire supply chain will continue to run at full capacity for the six months before summer. This is when I expect supply to meet demand, ”the official said.

The boss apologizes

Last week, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox branch, apologized for not being able to meet the demand. “We’ve been making them for almost two months now and we’re doing our best to ship as much as possible to stores, but the demand is so high,” he said.

At Sony, the situation is not rosier. Released two days later in the first markets, before its launch in the rest of the world, including Switzerland, on November 19, the competitor PlayStation 5 also arouses all the envy and is unavailable in stores and in pre-order. But the Japanese firm wants to be reassuring. “You can be sure that we are working very hard to bring significant quantities to the market before and after Christmas,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment recently.


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