Video- Hassan Shakoush sings the krona, “the girl next door”

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Posted: Friday, April 3 2020 – 1:32 pm
4/3/2020 1:32:11 AM

Yesterday, Thursday, festivals singer Hassan Shakoush was a guest on the first episode of “Live from Duplex”, presented by the famous doll Abla Fajita, via the ON screen.

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During the episode, Shakoush sang a song of the Corona Virus, to the rhythms of the “Girl of the Neighbors” festival, which has been very popular recently.

The song is titled “My Neighbor Hanan,” and her words came as follows: “My neighbor Hanan is afraid that I will count it, sprinkling everything that I prepare for her shrimp. We are in it, spray me with alcohol. Eh, but I am aware that it comes in my eyes, my hands are from chlorine Bachin, my son, and God is not going to help you, I am from Corona, I will protect you. My muzzle on my climate, I hit lemon and milk,

“Live from Duplex” is showing Thursday and Friday every week via ON at 11 pm.

It is noteworthy that the famous doll, “Abla Fajita”, appeared for the first time in 2010 in an ad for “Vodafone” titled “The Slice of the Late”.

After her wide popularity on social media, the composer and music composer Hassan Al-Shafi’i collaborated with her in the song “Maa Mustahloushi” in 2014, which she composed and composed. The song was a great success.

Gradually, the look of the “daddy” developed to keep up with her continuing career outside of social media as well. Then the strongest move came in April 2015, to begin on the cbc program “Fajita Live from Duplex”, which it presented 6 seasons over 4 years. She also participated in a number of TV commercials as well as hosted in many famous programs, both inside and outside Egypt.

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