Video: Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz sing in the shower – many fans are too embarrassed

See in the video: Heidi Klum sings with Tom – this video makes even die-hard fans feel ashamed of others.

Heidi Klum is known for her revealing manner – also on Instagram.

Now she is posting an almost two-minute video that shows her with her husband Tom Kaulitz in the shower.

The two keep singing a verse.


Heidi fragt ihre Follower: „Can you tell what movie we watched?”

“Do you know what movie we watched?”

A lively guesswork begins beneath the video.

But for many fans this shower appearance is also too much:

“Does that have to be in the shower? Attention at all costs … “

“To film yourself naked in the shower is one thing … but also to post this little film in public. So either the two of them are psychos or they take drugs … or both together. “

“More and more embarrassing”

“Embarrassing. And terrible, she can’t sing, and he’s a laughing stock … “

Heidi has not resolved which song her shower performance is really about.

But there is a certain similarity to “Into the Unknown” from the movie “Frozen 2”.

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