VIDEO. How to make a homemade trap in minutes to kill tiger mosquitoes

We give you some tips for making a tiger mosquito trap. A plastic bottle, a little brown sugar, yeast and water are enough. We have found for you a tutorial on the internet that explains everything.

It is a scourge every summer, evening meals on the terrace turn into ordeal! Sometimes it’s even impossible to stay outside because of mosquitoes, especially tiger mosquitoes. You may have already tried everything to trap them, spend crazy amounts of money to buy this trap that was supposed to kill them all, but nothing helps.
We have found for you a very simple tutorial on the net which will explain how to make a homemade trap, with a few ingredients. The tutorial dates from 2 years ago, but it is unfortunately still relevant. It is published on YouTube by Indiana Strawberry for its 13,000 subscribers.

The recipe for this inexpensive homemade trap:

  1. A plastic bottle (1.5L), you cut it in half
  2. Boil 20 cl of water with 50 grams of brown sugar to make a syrup that you pour into the bottom of the bottle
  3. 1 gram of yeast powder, you sprinkle the surface and above all you do not stir!
  4. Arrange the top of the bottle in a funnel, and then tape the 2 parts
  5. Change the mixture every 15 days

That’s it, you have to install it and see if the mosquitoes can be trapped.

See the video below to learn all about the tiger mosquito:According to its designer (after 2 years of testing):

The results are variable, it depends on where the trap is placed. Mosquitoes hate places exposed to drafts, for example. Sometimes we get results, sometimes not. But this trap has the merit of being natural.

Indiana Strawberry

Finally there is not much to lose. If it works, your evenings will be less spicy!

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