VIDEO. “I am mistreating”, assures a midwife who launches an appeal on her working conditions

Illustration: A midwife, assisted by an intern and pediatric nurses, gives birth to a woman at St Vincent de Paul hospital in Lille, August 17, 2018. – Philippe HUGUEN / AFP

“A woman = a midwife”. It’s the simple equation thatAnna Roy, a midwife for ten years, wants France to implement.

After having realized that her working conditions made her “ill-treating” With regard to her patients, she launched this appeal to the President of the Republic and to the government, so that maternity wards, health professionals and the families who are followed there are no longer “bloodless”.

Online petition

She also launched the hashtags #Jesuismaltraitante #Jesuismaltraitant #Maltreated on social networks to collect testimonials from caregivers and patients, and put online a petition with four other women, so that, in French maternity hospitals, on the model of what is done with our English or Finnish neighbors, each midwife has to take care of only one woman who gives birth.

She explains it to our partner, Brut:

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