VIDEO: Impressive explosion after truck and rail collision in Texas

Texas, USA.

Around 6:00 am. Tuesday, a railroad crashed into a heavy truck in Cameron, Texas. The colossal explosion and its aftermath have gone viral on social networks.

Fortunately, local authorities have reported that there are no fatalities or injuries, despite the dramatic images that immediately called emergency authorities who moved to the area.

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The train was carrying coal and gasoline. This caused the fire, of enormous magnitude, to be seen from many kilometers in the area. Hundreds of people were evicted due to the proximity to the incident site, as a precaution.

Firefighters, medical bodies and police officers went to work to evacuate people in Temple and Rosebud, in order to protect health due to the intense smoke.

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So far, state authorities continue to work to quell the raging flames that have left, above all, material losses in the sector. Villagers recorded the moments of the explosion with their phones, seen from different angles.


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