VIDEO. Mask singer: who was hiding under the costumes of the wolf and the mouth?

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TF1’s musical game “Mask singer” was back on Saturday night for a second season. It features personalities who sing while being hidden under animal costumes. Two first personalities have already been identified.

A week after the final of “The Voice kids”, the show “Mask singer” was installed on Saturday evening on TF1. This new season of the game, adapted from a South Korean program, consists of featuring twelve personalities from entertainment, sports or politics, disguised with prestigious costumes, and blackmailing them.

To help viewers, before each performance, a video is shown in which the disguised personality gives clues. Her voice is made up when she speaks, not when she sings. At the end of the services, a jury, called the investigators, is responsible for identifying the personalities. This jury is made up of actor Kev Adams, singer Anggun, TV host Alessandra Sublet and comedian Jarry.

The costumes for the second season of “Mask singer” are a skeleton, a wolf, a shark, a spider, a robot, a dragon, a penguin, a mouth, an owl, two parrots, an octopus and a vixen.

A wolf quickly identified

The first personality identified was the wolf. Clues in the video indicated that he might wear a beanie, helmet or cap, that he was solo a lot, that he left a mark wherever he went and that his physique had made him famous. The wolf-like personality interpreted “Yes or No” by Angela. Jarry, member of the jury, immediately thought of the swimmer Laure Manaudou and convinced the other members of the jury.

When the wolf had to reveal his personality and take off his mask, it was indeed Laure Manaudou, the three-time Olympic swimming champion, who won 127 medals including 86 gold in her career.

A sensual mouth

The second personality identified was the mouth. During the clues broadcast, we learned that she was criticized for being a big mouth and telling jokes, silly things or truths, that she had never been cold in the eyes and that she had put on a lot of different costumes in his career. The mouth performed “Fuck you” by Lily Allen. At the end of the performance, the jury hesitated between actresses Valérie Lemercier and comedians Julie Ferrier and Axelle Laffont. Kev Adams, member of the jury, opted for the actress Frédérique Bel at the last moment.

A wise choice since Frédérique Bel had a good face on the giant red mouth. The actress, who became known in “La minute blonde” on Canal +, has since turned in “Camping”, “Vilaine” or “What we did to the good God”.

The other personalities have not yet been identified. They will come back next Saturday to sing a new song. Here are the proposals made by the jury:

  • The skeleton: Yannick Noah, Djibril Cissé, Claude Makelele, Adil Rami
  • The shark: Sébastien Loeb, Chris Marquès, Yved Camdeborde, Patrick Dupond
  • The spider: Valérie Bègue, Alexandra Rosenfeld, Sylvie Tellier, Mme de Fontenay
  • The robot: Patrick Juvet, Kamel Ouali, Amir, Denis Brogniart
  • The dragon: Laurent Ournac, Shy’m
  • The penguin: Larusso, Tal
  • The owl: Bernard Minet, Jacky, Lagaf, Anthony Dupré
  • The parrots: the Vamps, Chevallier and Laspalès, Early evening
  • The octopus: Armelle, Marlène Jobert, Chantal Lauby
  • The fox: Lola Dubini, Héloïse Martin

On Saturday October 24, a new personality of international stature will sing in “Mask singer” for an evening. His identity remains top secret.

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