Video: Meghan’s father puts daughter under pressure

It should be a bumpy week for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. Her retirement from the royal family, announced for spring, her move abroad is making waves. And as is the case with family matters – especially with those that are carried out in public – the “hunched relatives” must add their mustard. Thomas Markle, who should have fallen out of favor with his daughter Meghan at the latest after several unpleasant appearances, has spoken again, this time on the British breakfast television channel Good morning Britain on ITV. “What she plans to do is shameful for me. When Meghan got married, she knew that she was going to be married to a royal family, that was already Harry’s life. I think they hurt the Queen and the royal family. So it’s not going to go to another country and still serve the UK. Me I am ashamed of her and I am sorry for the Queen, I respect and admire the Queen. ” Markle took the opportunity to hand out against his daughter and make love to the Queen. It is doubtful whether he has done his relationship with the daughter a favor. And then Markle put his daughter under public pressure again. “Sit on the plane and come to me. Then we’ll talk.” Last October, Thomas Markle had already gone public again, documenting a US television station. There he had renewed his claims that he had not attended his daughter’s wedding because of a heart attack. “I had previously apologized to the Queen, but the two told me to stop. Then I was on my way to the airport when I got a bad heart attack.” Meghan’s father had previously faked paparazzi photos to sell to the rainbow press. Not the fine English way with which he could score with Queen and Co.

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