Video: Merkel warns – no relaxation in the coronavirus crisis

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NOTE: This post will be sent without speaker text. Interview Angela Merkel (CDU), Chancellor: “Some of you may say: We have been observing all these rules for more than two weeks now, how much longer? I understand this question. Nevertheless, I would act absolutely irresponsible if today I would simply give you a specific day on which the measures could be lifted, or at least relaxed, but then could not keep this promise because the number of infections would not allow it, if I failed to meet the hopes associated with such a promise we from rain to eaves – medically, economically, socially, but what I can and will promise you is that you can be sure that the Federal Government and I personally will think day and night about how we can do both: both health protection for everyone and a process with which public life also works Either step by step becomes possible. It is true that the recent figures from the Robert Koch Institute, as high as they are, are cautiously giving hope. Because the growth of new confirmed infections is a little slower than a few days ago. But it is definitely far too early to recognize a sure trend in it, and it is far too early to loosen the strict rules that we have given ourselves at any point. The experts tell us: It will take some time before we know how the measures we have taken and, above all, the major restrictions that you all take on will flatten the curve of the contagion. But we need to know that in order to be sure that our healthcare system will be able to cope with the enormous burden of the corona epidemic. ”


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