Video message from the current president: Trump distances himself from violence – and does not mention impeachment – politics

Just a few hours after the start of the second impeachment proceedings, the elected US President Donald Trump published a video message. In it, Trump clearly condemns the attack on the Capitol by his supporters – after shouting to his rampaging supporters in a first video that was published shortly after the riots in Washington: “We love you. I am very special. ”

For the new video, recorded in the Oval Office, Trump had to „New York Times“ according to be urged by his advisors. His son-in-law and confidante Jared Kushner and even Vice President Mike Pence should have assured the doubting still-President that another video message would be appropriate – and perhaps also legally advisable.

Trump distances himself in the video from the violence in Washington – but he does not mention the impeachment proceedings against himself, which the Democrats justify with the fact that Trump had fueled this violence – the storm of his angry supporters on the Capitol.

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The “incursion into the capital” hit the United States in the heart, says Trump and continues: “I clearly condemn the violence we experienced last week.”

“Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and in our movement,” says Trump, referring to movement as the “Make America Great Again” campaign with which he headed his presidency. The movement always advocates law and order.

“The violence of a mob is directed against everything I believe in and everything that our movement stands for,” says Trump. “No true supporter of mine could ever advocate political violence.”

Whoever does that is attacking the movement and the country. “We cannot tolerate that,” says Trump.

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