world Video: Oberammergau - a village between Pest and Corona

Video: Oberammergau – a village between Pest and Corona


1633: the plague rages in Europe. Oberammergau is also not spared the Black Death. Over 80 residents are taken away. The inhabitants take a vow: they want to perform the death and resurrection of Christ every ten years. To do this, they ask God that no one has to die of the plague. And so it happens. The first passion takes place in the local church. And the death rate is falling. This is impressively demonstrated by the entries in the historical death book, as Pastor Thomas Gröner explains: “Why is that? There you will get different statements. You could say pure coincidence. One can of course … A believer will interpret it differently. The municipal council made a promise based on their belief. “And indeed: from 1634 there are hardly any death records. And the corona virus has largely spared the residents. There are only two cases so far. At that time, people were godly helped, says Gröner, and even today people would pray that they would be spared the corona virus: “The plague of course was a major disaster at the time, and today corona is also a disaster for people. Think of the economy, we think to those who have already died, let’s think of those who are sick, who live in the intensive care units, the ban on contact, grandchildren to grandfather, grandmother, that’s a disaster. Back then people were afraid of the plague and they are afraid fear of this corona virus even today. ” In the church of St. Peter and Paul, by the way, the cross still hangs before which, according to tradition, the vow of passion was taken in 1633.



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