Video of men who kill a young man for stealing a cell phone in Bogotá

The video of this new fact of insecurity in Bogotá Councilor Emel Rojas published it on Twitter this Monday afternoon, who identified the victim as José Reinel Perdomo, 31 years old.

Rojas assured that the three criminals who appear in the video snatched Perdomo’s cell phone, and in the images it is observed that while two of them searched his pockets, the other stabbed him several times in the back.

The young man tries to oppose the robbery and he struggles with thieves, and that’s when a man in a white shirt stabs him in the chest. Perdomo falls to the ground badly injured and the man with the knife kicks him several times in the face, and then they flee the place.

The recording shows that the events occurred around 4:30 in the morning, and CityTv confirmed what the victim was arriving at his parents’ house when he decided to answer a call before entering.

“For a cell phone, they killed him like an animal. I want justice because they left me with immense pain ”, was the call that Perdomo’s mother made.

The woman complained of the constant insecurity in that sector of Bogotá, and she wondered who will help her now to support the home since she and her husband are seniors.

“Could it be that the government is coming to help us?” Added the woman.

Gang that steals cell phones in Suba would be the same one that killed the young man

The news outlet reported that, according to residents of the sector, it would be a gang of thieves that has been involved in several assaults, and said that The Police are investigating whether they are the same men who a couple of hours earlier also attacked a young man near there by steal his cell phone.

This is the video that shows the way criminals attack their victim without mercy, and that reflects the insecurity in Bogotá (sensitive images).

Precisely in this town of Suba, several acts of violence have been registered in recent days, including that of the brutal beating of a young Vermont college student by 6 other students from the English School campus, as well as the fight between neighbors on a street in the Lisbon neighborhood, in which a person ended up lying on the floor due to a blow to the face.


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