Video of the Army commander that they link with false positives and JEP

When he published the enigmatic video, in which several snakes appear chasing an iguana to catch it, the general Eduardo Zapateiro quoted the Twitter account of National Army and invited officers, NCOs and soldiers to be “always strong with heads held high.”

“We are soldiers of the Army, and we will not allow ourselves to be defeated by more poisonous and perverse snakes that want to attack us, point at us or weaken us,” he wrote.

The video, which was recorded by the BBC, is accompanied by several passages from the Bible: “Persecuted, but not helpless: 2 Corinthians 4: 9”, and “in distress, but not desperate. 2 Corinthians 4: 8 “.

The publication of the senior Army official generated a series of reactions against him, and the vast majority of comments linked the video with the statement made by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) on false positives.

One of those who reacted was the lawyer Sebastián Escobar Uribe, who represents the victims in the give, and asked if it was “an attack on judicial institutions”.

“I see in this message something more specific than an institutional train wreck. The Army branded the JEP as poisonous snakes, ”said Escobar.

In the same vein, the group of Mothers of the so-called false positives trilled with a question and several laughing emoticons: “Do you feel pain?”

“We are not vipers, we are mothers with a lot of pain knowing that the Heroes of the Nation were the ones who murdered our children and we are not going to lose heart in this fight”, they said.

Added to this criticism was the executive director of Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco, who said that General Zapateiro’s “cryptic message” comes a day after the JEP showed progress in the case of extrajudicial executions.

Vivanco asked, “respectfully”, the Army commander “to clarify the meaning of the trill”, and warned that “it would be very serious” for that institution “to try to intimidate a court.”

General Zapateiro, commander of the Army, explains the meaning of the video he published

It was because of this type of criticism, and because of many other questions that were made to him in networks, that General Zapateiro published a burst of 7 trills to explain that the “metaphor” that I use does not have to do with the institutions, but against “armed groups organized, such as the Eln, ‘Caparros’, ‘Clan del Golfo’ and ‘Pelusos’, and Residual organized armed groups, as well as drug trafficking and illicit economies, are poisonous and perverse vipers …”.


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