Video: Provocative Corona art in the middle of Munich

Provocative Corona art in the middle of Munich

An eye-catcher that should make you think. An art installation with 111 mannequins on Munich’s Marienplatz on Wednesday called for more “mindfulness and appreciation” for people during the Corona crisis. The artist Dennis Josef Meseg with further details about his work: “The installation, the silent memorial, the silent vigil consists of 111 mannequins in a different constellation: there are young people, children, adults, men, women, small and large. It is an average of the population who are wrapped in red and white tape. This symbolizes the distance that takes place between people during Corona times. The figures are deliberately lacking limbs, which stands for restricted mobility. I chose the medium mannequin, The standstill that everyone feels at the moment, when society, that the economy stands still, that life has basically come to a standstill. ” The action in Munich only lasted one day, but it has already taken place in other cities. And, as the Meseg confirmed, his work has already provoked a kaleidoscope of reactions: from tears of emotion to aggression against the mannequins. This art seems to have a strong impact on some people. The next installation is planned for December 18th in Essen.


111 mannequins wrapped in a flutter tape and without limbs are intended to point out the current emotional state of people at the time of Corona.

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