Video shows African-American inmate being controlled by police and nurse to death

CNN today released a video showing an African-American inmate from Forsyth prison in Georgia saying he cannot breathe while being controlled by five policemen and a nurse.

“I can’t breathe,” John Eliot Neville, 56, said repeatedly in the recording, made in December, which is the same phrase that also African-American George Floyd said in late May in Minneapolis, before die suffocated, following an arrest.

Floyd’s death triggered a wave of protests, especially in several cities in the United States, which lasted several weeks.

John Eliot Neville was being held in a prison in Forsyth for assaulting a woman.

CNN explained that the images have now been released, following an order from a North Carolina judge.

The African American was assisted by five policemen and a nurse after falling from his bunk.

On the recordings, Neville appears disoriented and has difficulty breathing, while officials ask him to lie down and keep him in the cell.

“Let me go. Help me, ”asked John Eliot Neville.

In turn, the prison officials called for the prisoner to remain calm.

However, the African-American ended up trying to escape, and then became unconscious.

Neville ended up dying already at a local hospital.

According to the EFE agency, the staff and the nurse were accused of involuntary manslaughter and were eventually fired.


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