VIDEO: Sudden Clubhouse

three, CNN Indonesia | Friday, 19/02/2021 23:00 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A voice-based social media application, Clubhouse, has been busy talking about by netizens in the past week. Unlike the pre-recorded Podcasts, in Clubhouse users can listen to and participate in live and interactive conversations and discussions with other users.

The application, which was launched in March 2020, began to skyrocket after Tesla CEO Elon Musk attended one of the discussion sessions at the Clubhouse at the end of January.

The presence of Clubhouse adds to the line of various social media applications that offer new colors for its users. So what makes this audio chat application popular? And what about the future trends from social media itself? Watch the discussion with the Founder and Creative Thinker of OMG Consulting, Yoris Sebastian.


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