Video Susana Boreal in Congress admitting not knowing her work

Boreal, an orchestra director who rose to fame during the national strike, was chosen as representative to the Camera for Antioquia in the closed list of the Historical Pact by Gustav Petro.

The woman from Antioquia had already gone viral in March for a video in which, as a quiz, a journalist asks him questions about general culture and others about how the Congress which now integrates

In that occasion, Boreal blundered in almost all the answersbut the worst of all was the one that gave a question about the apartments that Colombia has

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“There are 38 departments,” the congresswoman said at the time about the country that has 32 departments.

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Almost 5 months after that paper, a video was released in which, already sitting in CongressBoreal stars a fact that blushed several in social networks.

During the session of one of the commissions that it integrates, Boreal took the floor to ask how his work should be done (more specifically, how to adhere to the proposal of a colleague of yours).

“I don’t know what the procedure is like,” Boreal said before a commission president who seems to be surprised by her question and subsequent comment.

Although Boreal said that several colleagues asked the same or even more unusual questions, in networks they reminded him that He has a salary of 34 million pesos per month and a large work team with which you can check things before entering the Chamber session.

This is the video of Boreal’s new paper:

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