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It took around 19 hours for lifeguards to recover the last body trapped on the bus that fell on a precipice that leads from Chiltiupán to Jayaque, in La Libertad. It was a woman in her 40s.

Five Red Cross rescuers, two patrols and two police cranes came this February 17 to recover one of the bodies that got caught after the accident of route 261 that fell on a cliff on the road that, from Chiltiupán, leads to Jayaque.

For the rescue, which took 19 hours, hydraulic equipment was needed to separate the victim’s body from the bus twisted irons. It was an unidentified woman, about 40 years old.

After the accident, the search and rescue work extended for several hours, until about midnight. Despite the effort made by several locals and relief corps, one person was trapped: the rescte that was made yesterday.

Amilcar Renderos is one of the nearby inhabitants who did not hesitate to come to help, from the moment he learned that an accident near his home had occurred, in the Chiltiupán canton. He was accompanied by some of his neighbors.

Due to the difficulty of accessing the accident area, rescue work continued until Monday morning hours. EDH photo / Jessica Orellana

According to Amílcar, the accident had just happened and the cries of pain of about 20 passengers in the transport unit could be heard up to the road.

When the help of the neighbors arrived, the National Civil Police (PNC) and the Salvadoran Red Cross managed to rescue 20 people from those who fell off the cliff, inside the bus. The fall is estimated at about 60 meters.

Until Monday afternoon, the different rescue and security authorities estimated no less than eight people deceased due to the accident and more than forty injured and injured, the majority being treated at the San Rafael de Santa Tecla National Hospital.

It is not the first accident in the area

José Cruz, a local who is dedicated to the transport of construction materials, said that for five years that the street was paved accidents have been increasingly frequent in the place.

The first one was a taxi, when construction work was just completed. After that, there have been 4 more accidents. The most recent was six months ago and it was a pipe that carried milk.

The locals ask the authorities to place a tumulus so that the drivers reduce the speed, so that they do not get hurt, because in the first accident, the driver razed a latrine belonging to a house that was in place.


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