Video they stole more than 600 million in merchandise from optical Bogotá

The thieves took advantage of the fact that the neighboring store of the optician was unoccupied to break part of a wall, and thus be able to enter the glasses establishment, indicated Snail News.

The criminals, according to the authorities cited by the newscast, had enough time to build the hole, as they covered the windows of the vacant compound with tarps.

Although it is spoken of several people, in the video, published below, it is appreciated that a person enters the optician through the hole, and crawls up to the second floor.

Once inside, the news report indicates, the criminals took expensive glasses; total, more than 600 million pesos in merchandise were stolen, leaving about 12 windows unoccupied.

One of the shopkeepers of the optician indicated in the middle that this is the fourth robbery that the optician has suffered, as criminals are taking advantage of the vacant establishments to do their misdeeds.

For the same reason, they ask the National and District Government to put the magnifying glass on the unsafety, an issue that has been worrying Bogota citizens for some time.


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