VIDEO – This time the Tesla Model S underwater walked

A few days ago, a man tried to turn his Tesla Model S Plaid into a submarine. It was a failure. But he has just started over, having learned from his mistakes. And it works !

Electric vehicles can turn into a submarine! In any case, they can drive in deeper water than vehicles with combustion engines. It is true that we have already seen many videos in which electric vehicles attacked streets in full flood and which would have left any thermal vehicle blocked. But a few weeks ago we told you about a man who was trying to turn a Tesla Model S Plaid into a submarine. “Chillin ‘with Chet” on YouTube, attempted to drive his own 1,020 horsepower Tesla in 300,000 gallons of water. It hadn’t worked.

The problem was, the Model S was not sinking. It was floating because of the air in the cabin. For his second attempt, the owner did his homework and investigated the problem: thus, he added more than 3,175 kg of ballast to help the car stay stuck to the bottom of the artificial body of water. Surprisingly, the Model S Plaid’s suspension handled the extra weight extremely well. Total weight of the machine: approximately 5,900 kg. This allowed Chet to keep the wheels on the ground and completely submerge the car when crossing the basin.

What is the aim of the project?

“Well, I’ve never seen such a stunt, especially with an electric car, and thought doing something like that would give me a big push to get people to my YouTube channel. Plus, doing it with a brand new Model S Plaid was the icing on the cake ”. This certainly allowed him to attract attention without having to sacrifice his car! Because after a day of drying, the electric vehicle was operating normally again. Like nothing ever happened.

Naturally, the car underwent a certain preparation before going under water, in particular by covering the smallest gap in the body with adhesive tape. You will notice in the video that the Plaid had also separated from the passenger seats in order to make room for the weights.

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