VIDEO: Tremendous bear of goalkeeper Luis García and gives a goal to Pumas

José Andrés Díaz López

Mexico City / 18.10.2020 13:57:43

Luis Garcia he is supposed to be the successor of Alfredo Talavera, (now in Pumas), But the kind of mistakes like the one you made this afternoon at CU, frankly, they make it very difficult for him to fill the shoes that the veteran goalkeeper left in Toluca.

And this is the second own goal he gives away at Guard1anes 2020, after he had an error against Gallos Blancos de Querétaro that also ended up affecting the scarlet team.


The Red Devils goalkeeper, he wanted to save a center shot from Facundo Waller that he did not bring much danger, but in his attempt to control the ball, the ball slipped under his body and he ended up getting to the first post.

The worst for those led by Carlos Adrián Morales, is that the game was extremely stuck, since Pumas could not find the way in his own house.

But tremendous mistake by goalkeeper García, ended up opening the door to the felines, who were even surprised by the tremendous mistake of the goalkeeper and they were slow to react after the goal; Above all because the goalkeeper himself tried to get the ball out but it had already passed its entire circumference after the goal line.


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