(VIDEO) Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, ‘sweated ink’ during his last press conference

11-21-20.-This Thursday, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and personal lawyer for US President Donald Trump, appeared at a press conference that has given much to talk about, both for its content and for its shape.

In this intervention from the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington, the lawyer insisted on the position of the Trump administration, assuring that the elections of November 3 were a “fraud.”

“What I am describing to you is massive fraud. It’s not a small thing, ”Giuliani said, while complaining about the“ so dishonest ”coverage by the media.

Trump had announced on his Twitter account that this would be a press conference in which his lawyers would announce “a very clear and viable path to victory.”

However, Giuliani had a press conference that he will never forget when the dye that had been applied to his hair began to slide fused with the beads of sweat that began to emerge due to the nervousness and heat of the spotlights.

The ex-mayor of New York was overwhelmed by the situation and in one of the moments where he sweated off, the ink jets on his face could be observed that made the staff begin to take the situation with a little sarcasm .

There were even voices coming from the room that, laughing, claimed that “Rudy’s hair dye running down his face.”

According to The New York Times, the lawyer “looked like he was starting to melt.” In addition, the media consulted with several hairdressers and they all agreed that these stains had not been produced by a hair dye but from some type of mascara or concealer for the sideburns, since these areas have shades more gray than the rest of the head .

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