#VIDEO “We want to study”, UCLA medical students demand start of classes # 15Jan

UCLA medical students held a protest in front of the dean of their career this Friday, January 15. The reason for this demonstration is to demand that the university obtain the prudent mechanisms to start its academic period.

With banners in hand, dozens of medical students raised their voices in protest. The initial slogan was: “We want classes!”. They mentioned that they have 10 months without studying, initially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but consider that a prudent time has passed for the university to get a virtual platform and thus start classes.

Maria Jose Gutierrez, a medical student, told Elimpulso.com that students have sought different strategies to start classes, which have been presented to the university representatives, but time continues to pass and they do not give positive responses.

For this reason, Gutiérrez pointed out that he is concerned about time, because the medical career implies many years of study, and to continue without classes, “Lost time” will end in the life of each young person who attends this career.

On the other hand, María Teresa Cuesta, medical student, pointed out that they do not understand how other universities in the country have managed to start classes digitally, and UCLA, being a prestigious university, continues to let time pass without answers to its students.

Given this, they mentioned that they will continue to hold demonstrations to raise their voices, and in this way put pressure on the university. until an agreement is finally reached that guarantees education of the hundreds of students who study this career at said university.

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