VIDEO: What did Saldivar Chicken say about his failure against America?

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Edgar Malagón Medel

University Olympic / 06.03.2020 23:59:41

Alfredo Saldivar recognized and He accepted his mistake in the duel against America It almost costs him to be the villain of the game. However, he thanked his teammates for a 3-3 draw in University City.

“I have mixed feelings, despite the mistakes in the game we could do much better, we had the game already solved and a last-minute play gives them a draw, “he said.

“At the moment you have to react immediately, they are football stuff, I was wrong, you have to accept it, but the reaction the team had was good, unfortunately the last play passed. ”

Saldivar he was wrong in the duel before Monarcas a couple of weeks ago in CU, only that time the mischief cost them defeat.

On the other hand, Victor Malcorra said the referee Fernando Hernandez must have scored a foul on Juan Dinenno in the last play of the game since that is where the last goal is derived from America.

“More than anything a lot of anger because it escapes us over the end and also because, although the referee made a good game, Dinenno is charged in the last play and in two plays they had already put the ball in the area, that’s where the corner and the goal come from, the truth leaves you angry ” lamented Malcorra.

The Argentine claimed with the fans after giving a pass for goal and score the 2-2 that rescues the game after the error of Saldivar chicken.

People can say what they want, the last tournament was the one that went most assists, the third in the entire League and then people make the decision they want and I accept it, “he said. Malcorra.



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