VIDEO. When Maxime Gasteuil is ironic about the differences between Paris and the provinces

Scooters everywhere, often overpriced accommodation … When he arrived in Paris, Maxime Gasteuil was rather surprised at the differences with his native province. He even made a show of it “Maxime Gasteuil arrives in Paris”. For Brut, he recounts these sometimes absurd situations that he has experienced.

The food

Veganism, veganism, vegetarianism… Maxime Gasteuil is always amazed at such a variety of diets. “The Province is more practical, you eat everything“, he launches.


According to the humorist, the Parisian accent is by far the strangest in France, especially for its heavily accented endings. “We talk about provincial accents but the strangest accent of this country is the Parisian accent. ! “, he smiles.”In the provinces, accents set the mood“, he adds.


The comedian is rather surprised when he sees the diversity of means of transport in the capital. Scooters, unicycles, electric bikes… there are indeed many of them where the province is often confined to the use of the car. “Soon in the bus lane, what is it? Kayaks, windsurfers … it’s more of a city, it’s Pinder“, laughs Maxime Gasteuil.


Here is another point which questions Maxime Gasteuil. Moving to Paris is often an obstacle course and very often finding yourself in small and very expensive accommodation. “When I first visited the apartment where I live, I was waiting for the guy to show me the other rooms“, jokes the humorist.”In the provinces, even the car, it has a room for it“, he adds.


Thousand euros a bottle in Paris, while at Monoprix the same they say 17 euros“, smiles the humorist.

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